summer : fire and dancing

gifu hanabi

last saturday of july & first saturday in august

two weekends in a row fireworks are displayed from the nagara river. the city fills up with people wearing yukatas and drinking in the streets. we watched from the rooftop of my office.

tejikara festival in gifu

august 12

nearly identical to the festival i went to in april, but on the nagara river. men carrying large floats filled with gunpowder dance underneath fireworks. see my post of the other tejikara festival: here.

read more about the festival: here.

magome nagashi-somen

august 14

magome is a small town in the mountains that once served as a post town on the route connecting tokyo to kyoto. this summer they set up a long bamboo chute along the main street in town (100 meters), which they sent somen, thin wheat noodles, flowing down. we decided to go on a whim and took a train and bus to get there. everyone was incredibly welcoming and we were immediately given chopsticks and encouraged to catch noodles and eat them with cups of tsuyu, dipping sauce. we also saw traditional dancing and a drum performance.

gujo odori

end of july into august

a festival that brings people from all over japan to dance in the streets of gujo. the traditional dance is done in a kind of circular procession around a live band playing in the center of the square. it is a month long festival, but there are four nights where the dancing takes place until sunrise. we ended up going on one of these nights.