Senior Studio Project 2008

Archetype Series

I have always been intrigued by the use of found objects; specifically by

how an artist is able to transform someone’s forgotten objects into

thoughtful pieces of art. In the words of Michael DeMeng, “there’s a

whole lot of junk in the world that we might as well put to good use”.

During my process of collecting frames, I found that each one carried a

unique personality that would add a vital feeling of the past to my series.

With my inspiration coming from Carl Jung’s idea of the collective

unconscious, each piece explores my own connection to the various

archetypal images. The found frames provide the viewer with a

transitional window from the outer world into my personal unconscious.

While this series acts as a self-portrait, my hope is that other people will

be able to connect to the more universal ideas presented.


#Archetypes #FoundObjects #Sculpture