No Place Like Home

Ryan Murphy, the director of such classics as “Lego Ninja” and “The Union Forever“, teams up with Neil Cicierega, the creator of the internet-famed band Lemon Demon, and Patrick Ryan to bring you the sure to be loved short film “No Place Like Home”.

Murphy and crew put a spin on “The Wizard of Oz”, with an all original soundtrack and some new and interesting characters. My favorite character is the Wicked Witch played by Ryan Murphy. The scene in which we are finally introduced to his character was inspired by the 90’s movie “The Worst Witch”, where Tim Curry playing the “Grand Wizard”, sings in front of a cheesy green screen. The song that Ryan sings as the Wicked Witch is probably the most unique, paying homage to Freddie Mercury or maybe even Mika(?). In any case, each song in the movie is fun and surprisingly catchy.

Check out the four part video for yourself on myspace.

(Part 1) (2) (3) (4) (Credits) Buy the DVD here. (link)

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