desert wandering

every now and again one gets the itch to venture into the unknown. living in a city surrounded by open space, this itching can quickly become an aching. albuquerque familiarized me with this feeling, leading to many journeys that would prove to appease my wanderlust- at least temporarily.

around this time last year, susy and i hit the open road with baggies of snacks and plenty of music. leaving the city that afternoon i remember how easy it felt to take off without looking back. the clouds escorted us out and by the time we reached open land, it was clear they had stayed behind.

the road led us south through Socorro and west to a small town called Magdelena.

making our first stop, we decided to acquaint ourselves with the local antique store, where we picked out furniture for the pioneer lives we dreamed of having. and then stopping off at the local blacksmith, we learned how to twist metal into practicalities.

after lunch we started up a dirt road that lead to the old mining town of Kelly. the road was more of a rocky, dried out stream- that is to say the ride was not a smooth one. a couple wrong turns later we ended up in front of a small white church. a group of people were camped out in front, so we stopped to say hello. parking our car, we were greeted by yapping dogs and then immediately offered beer and pie. we drank budweiser and ate slices of costco pie as they told us about the mine. they warned us that people often get lost exploring the area, suggesting that it may be haunted.

Kelly, New Mexico 1916

we walked up what was left of the dirt road, encountering left over foundations and another warning.

at the end of the road was the once booming mine. we walked around, snapping pictures and scaling rock piles. the wind made what was left of the buildings come to life. a metal sheet slapped against a wooden frame. the fenced off well howled, releasing cool air from its depths. another unidentified sound- we’d pause, hearts pounding. with our adventurous urges fulfilled, we ran back to the car and decided to return another day.

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