1: Paint Blotting

Paint Blotting


  1. Acrylic paint (in squeeze bottles)

  2. Watercolor paper

  3. Watercolor paint (optional)


  1. Adults with Alzheimer’s

  2. Adults with developmental disabilities


To start, fold paper in half to create a crease down the center of the page. Apply dime size dots of paint along the crease and around the middle of the paper. Experiment with placement of dots, keeping in mind that if there’s paint near the edges it will squirt out during the next step. Fold the paper and use hand to smooth out the page, spreading the paint within the folded page. Open it up to see your design. If a fuller design is desired, repeat the process adding more paint. Once dry, I gave my classes the option to go back with watercolor to fill in the white spaces.

My classes had a lot of fun with this project. It seemed especially successful with my class of adults with Alzheimer’s. I’ve found that projects are more accessible for this population when there are familiar materials and a few simple directions that work to prompt imagery. Will eventually be posting more successes I’ve had with this group…

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