Moving through Poiesis:

Cultivating Presence through the Lived Body and Space

Using arts-based research, I embarked on a phenomenological exploration of the five spaces in which I worked, viewing each space as a world to be discovered. I sensed in to my corporeal experience of the 'lived body' and my spatial experience of 'lived space', explicating these aspects of experience through movement and collage. The Architecture of a Session, a term to describe the structure of practice used in the Expressive Arts, was the map that guided me through this process. What became clear is how arts-based methods can cultivate ‘presence’, which I view as an expanded awareness of being in the world, with the self, and with others. Additionally, bringing awareness to this dialectic quality of being in the world can be a means of adapting to and coping with the various contexts in which we find ourselves, allowing us to reflect and respond in a more embodied way.

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